The following videos are public service announcements with powerful messages relating to danger zones for novice drivers.  We recommend you watch these and share with your new driver at any time or in combination with the relevant Pulse Driving module.


Always Wear Your Seat Belt: Embrace Life
Teens React Episode:  Drinking and Driving
Drowsy Driving PSA
It Can Wait: Distracted Driving 

“The greatest lifetime chance of crashing occurs within the first 6 months of licensure.” 


Motor Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for North American teens. Fortunately, teen motor crashes are preventable, and proven strategies can improve the safety of young drivers on the road. Studies have shown that more involvement from the parents of a novice driver reduces the risk of accidents within the critical first year of driving. 

As parents of teen drivers, we have worked through the struggle of giving them their freedom while still ensuring that we are providing them with the "tools and rules" to succeed through the critical first year (and beyond) of driving.  The following resources help us to maintain our focus on the end goal and have proven as powerful teaching tools for discussion with our new drivers, we hope they help you too!

This outstanding video produced by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a must watch for parents or guardians of new drivers.  Although some parts may be hard to watch, we highly recommend watching it all, it will be a very valuable use of your time.  (20 min)


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