Welcome to the Pulse Driving registration page!

As part of your driver education package you are eligible for a subscription for you and your new driver to the Pulse Driving program.  Pulse Driving is a revolutionary novice driver program adapted from one of the top online training programs for high risk drivers with average first year collision reduction rates of 35%.  The program is designed to help new drivers retain important messages from their pre-license driver education by delivering 20 minute e-learning modules each month for 12 months AFTER they have received their license.  These e-learning modules address the top danger zones of novice driver collisions and can be taken on a smartphone, tablet or computer, no downloads necessary.


To register for the program please fill in the information below.  Our support team will send you an email the month your new driver is expected to receive their license.  If they have not received their license, no worries, we will send you a notice each month to check whether you are ready to start the program.

We look forward to being a part of your new driver's comprehensive driver education!

By registering you agree to the terms and conditions of the Pulse Driving program.